Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Sharing our Toanga (Treasures).

Dear Parents/Caregivers/Whanau

As part of our new unit, ‘A Slice of Time’, we have been learning about artefacts and fossils.  During this time our teachers have shared something special, a taonga, to them.  To carry this on in our classroom programmes we would like to learn about each others taongas and why it is important or special to them.

During the next two days we are asking the children to bring something from home that is precious to them/family – a taonga, this could be as simple as a favourite toy you child has had from birth.

I know that your child’s item is special to them and could be valuable both in money and or meaning to your family.  If you prefer you could take a photograph and e-mail it to me or send to school on a data stick (digital copies preferred).

Thank you for your ongoing support
Andrew Lodge


  1. I saw many excited students coming to school today with their taonga or treasure. Thank you for getting the message out on your blog Mr Lodge. I really liked the lovely photo of Senilka.

  2. Wow your treasures were great I liked all of them. Lexus