Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Problems Making Comments

You may have had difficulty making comments on our Blog Page.  The best thing to do is that if you have an gmail account make sure you are logged in first.  If you don't have an gmail account all of the Room 14 students do.  It is in the back of their homework book.  Go to log in as them and then make a comment, if you are not that student, don't forget to leave your name as part of the comment so we don't think it is the student who's profile you are using.

We really love to read your comments in class.  It is a great way for the students to get feedback on their work.  If you are one of our regular followers from overseas, please comment or send Mr Lodge an e-mail.  It would be great to start some correspondence, or even skype or facetime to get to know more about your country.

If you still have any problems commenting, or would like to start getting in contact with Room 14, please leave a comment or e-mail Mr Lodge at

Thanks for viewing our page.

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