Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Curriculum Intergration Group 1

A 'Slice of Time.'

This week we have been split into our Curriculum Integration Groups.  Miss Hale and Mr Lodge's group has been looking at Schooling and Games; the lessons and games our Great, Great, Great Grandparents would have done at school.  We had a great time trying to do handwriting using cursive, reading old texts and playing games like knuckle bones and hopscotch.  Have a look at the fun we had.


  1. Great choice of music for this clip

  2. I thought this was an amazing video. It was great to see students just really having fun with their learning. I am impressed with everyone in this group. We'll done everyone. A huge thanks to Ms Hale and Mr Lodge for planning such great interactive learning experiences. I think our students are very lucky to be able to learn like this.

  3. it's a lot harder back then