Friday, 28 February 2014

Wave Day Friday!

After a long week of swimming lessons and water confidence activities we let our hair down and had a bit of fun at the pool.  There's no more fun than...



Our Art work is really coming along great, all we can say is that it will be on 
'The News!' (well sort of...)

Don't forget if you have any bright coloured material pieces we can use it would be great.  
See you on Thursday to see our Pieces of Art!
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Weekly Word Bank

One of our Writing focuses this year is to build our Word Vocabulary Knowledge.  Each week for homework we collect words around a specific theme, this weeks theme is 'sh' words.  On Friday's we have five minutes to write down as many words from that theme as we can.  By the end of the term we will have built up a great vocabulary of words that we could use in our writing.

This week Jono, Dinah and Charlie W, wrote their words on the window using window-chalks.  
For homework this week, Naleeah collected over 70 'sh' words, Carlie W and Jazlin collected over 100.  Jonah and Dinah found a 'sh' word with 27 letters, this was also out most interesting word for the week!  Next week:  words that 'Rhyme.'  Get a head start, start collecting now!
Sneak Peek..

I wonder what these bits of Art will turn into?
Come along to our Art Exhibition next week to find out! 

Thursday, 27 February 2014

Rm14@OPS Camp!

Room 14 @ OPS Camp

We had a great time with the rest of the school on camp.  Take a look at the fun we had as we showed our PRIDE values as we completed some amazing activities!

Wednesday, 26 February 2014


By 8pm on Thursday the 26th of February we have been seen by people in the USA, China and Germany as well as New Zealand...


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Our Morning Tea and Lunch has become a little healthier!  
The SLINKY Apple Machine has been a hit in Room 14!

Tuesday, 25 February 2014


This week we are starting our art piece for next weeks Art Show, if you have some scraps of bright coloured material and bright coloured wool could you please send these along to school.

Kitchen Garden

We had a great time at the Kitchen Garden!  As the first class for the year we had the job of cleaning up the garden so the rest of the classes can get planting and grow some vegetables for the school.  We also made potato fritters.  We can't wait to grow back...

Hi Everyone,

We have had a great first three weeks at school, we have already achieved so much in such a short time.  Over the next few days we will be adding a lot more to our blog.  We now have our homework up on the 'Homework' page and some bits and pieces about us on our Room 14 Whanau page.  Leave a comment and let us know what you think so far!!!  More to follow shortly!!

Kauri Crew, Room 14 Whānau.