Friday, 28 February 2014

Wave Day Friday!

After a long week of swimming lessons and water confidence activities we let our hair down and had a bit of fun at the pool.  There's no more fun than...



  1. Wow!!! Wave Day Friday looked liked a lot of fun. I liked the music you chose for your video.

  2. Agree with Mrs Williamson, it did look like whole lot of fun. Great to see that you are up and posting, we will be back shortly with our students and school to have a look. Keep up the good work in the meantime.
    Mr Webb and Room One, Auroa Primary School

  3. It looks really cool and fun.
    The wave nearly went out of the pool!
    Wow Hayley and the rest of Room 8 like your wavy pool.
    It looks really interesting. How did you make your wave?
    We wish we were there! Maybe we could make one too.
    Thank you for sharing your video.
    From Room 8

    1. Summer wants to know if on Friday we could come swimming with Room 8 and we could have 'Wave Day Friday' with you! From Room 14!

  4. Nice wave day room 14 - from Tristan

  5. Thanks Room 14 for the YouTube clip! We tried it in our pool today and it was awesome! We are not sure if our caretaker will like us making the wave because we lost a little bit a water out of the pool! From Rata, Room 5 and Mrs Lodge

  6. Hi Room 5 @ Tawhiti School, we hear you made a wave as well, we hope you had fun making your wave. Could you make a video to send to us so we can see who you are, maybe we could skype or facetime each other to say hello? We hope you enjoy our other videos, Daragh says look at our clown video!