Friday, 14 November 2014

Wahine Update

We have been reading 'No Safe Harbour' by Taranaki author David Hill.  It is a story of Stuart and Sandra, 15 year old twin brother and sister and their survival of the Wahine Disaster on the 10th of April 1968.  This has inspired us to look deeper into the events of April the 10th 1968.  We are completing research mini studies, writing newspaper articles, using the green screen to take photos of us there on the day.  We are even writing and presenting newspaper articles using 'Lifecards' as well writing and filming TV news bulletins as if we were there on the scene reporting the news.  Keep checking back to see how we got on.

We have also been using the APP 'Lifecards' to make these newspaper front pages.  This is Jazlins, more will follow...

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