Friday, 22 August 2014

Curtis our Marvellous Caretaker!!

For writing this term we have been working towards writing Narratives (fiction stories).  To lead up to this we have been learning to write character descriptions.  We have been learning to not only describe what a character looks like but give detail about their sayings, actions and where they can be found. One of the descriptions we wrote was about our great friend Curtis, our school caretaker.  The photos show the process we have gone through to not only write our wonderful descriptions but also how we presenting them on a 'Shelf Diorama.'  Add a comment, let us know what you think of our descriptions!

"Where can you found Curtis on a summer day? On his lawnmower, mowing the field for a rugby game."
- Charlie

"When I walk by Curtis he always and I mean always greets me with a “Hey Daragh, how are you doing?” and I always say “I’m good, yourself?” Then he smiles at me, that brightens up my day.
- Daragh

"Curtis is as tall as when I get a shoulder ride on my brothers shoulders.  Those old brown work boots of his scurry around wherever they can while those wrinkly stained hands carry something heavy and dirty."
- Dinah

"Curtis is our caretaker at our school.  His hands are so wrinkly, it’s like he's been in the swimming pool for hours!  His eyes are like big brown puppy dog eyes, that shine in the sunlight."
- Jonah

"Curtis has a hairy face and wrinkly hands. His hands are dirty from working hard 
around the school. He wears gum boots. We can here his lawnmower; chop, chop, 
chop, chop! The grass flies out of the chopper, he has his ear muffs on his head 
and has a big smile on his face."

- Kaiden

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  1. I hope Curtis gets to see these the kids have done a great job. I love some of the descriptions and the pictures are great too.