Thursday, 18 June 2015

Room 14 Winter Acrostic Poems.

We used 'Pic Collage' and 'Popplet' to brainstorm ideas around the things we feel, see, feel, smell, taste in winter.  We used these great ideas to write Winter Acrostic Poems.  
We published them on window dioramas for a class display 
(and put them on our blogs, of course!).
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We were at the shed and it was a cold frosty morning.

I was on the motorbike in the rain getting firewood.

Nana and I went shopping on a rainny day.

The day I went snow boarding on the mountain it was freezing.

Every winter weekend I go on the farm.

Running in the rain chasing cows on a really cold day.
by Jordan.

WINTER by Elijah 
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We went snowboarding in the deep snow.
I played in the foggy snow.
Noah and I played in the dark blue rain.
The cats smashed our snowman.
Ethan's earmuffs froze.
Rhys slides down he mountain.


  1. The work that the kids have made using Pic Collage and Popplett have come out amazing. They are really starting to get lots of good skills using all the different Apps .

  2. they are looking really good guys keep up the good work.