Sunday, 18 May 2014


We are well into our new theme learning about ANZAC Day.  We have started to build our knowledge about the first ANZAC Day:  What happened?  Why it happened?  What affect did this have on the soldiers who fought there?  As we have looked through the information about the Gallipoli Campaign we have come up with a lot of questions.  We will be inquiring into these questions, not only to find out what happened but how they impacted on life for the soldiers as well as life back in New Zealand.   

As part of this unit we will be creating our own class wall of remembrance.    I am asking the students to go home and ask if they have any relatives that have fought in any wars that New Zealand has contributed to.  It would be great if we could find out information about our relatives who fought or played any part in any conflict, including any family members currently serving within the armed forces.  Any artefacts, or photos that could be brought to school would be great to share.

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