Team Kauri 2014

Our cenotaph that Sue and Debbie made for us.  It is a great
replica of the cenotaph in Opunake.  Great job ladies. 
Open Day 
T2 2014

Room 14 worked really hard during Term 2 to utilise the skills we were learning in Reading, Writing, Mathematics and Visual Arts to increase our knowledge and understanding of what life was like for New Zealand's soldiers and families during World War One, in particular the Gallipoli Campaign in Turkey.  This work was part of a whole school unit called 'A Slice of Time,' where we explored our own families and aspects of New Zealand's history through a variety of different lenses. Have a look below at some of the work that the Amazing Room 14 students completed.  
A big thanks to Anita for all of your help!

We drew used images we found on the internet and drew our own to make these silhouette Visual Art pieces.  We combined these images with colour to try and and establish feelings of war for people who view our art.

Lia's Mum made made the backgrounds for our Poppy Wreaths, with the help and patience from Anita we hand stitched poppies and well as made paper and pipe cleaner poppies, they look amazing.

As part of our Research activities we used the Auckland Museum Cenotaph online Database and completed research about the men who died during WW1 whose names are on the Opunake Cenotaph.  We then used the iPad app 'Lifecards' to write short articles about these men.  During open day, visitors were able to use a QR code to go to the Cenotaph Database and research information about family members who fought.  They then wrote their names on the poppies we made and placed them on our cenotaph.

During Open Day we presented our Inquiry Project of the ANZAC's. 

Click on the link below to not only take a look at all of the information that we discovered, but how we went about finding, sorting and presenting information.


As part of our Reading Programme this term we have been learning the skills of Skimming and Scanning as well as Summarising.  We use these developing skills to retell three picture books in Story-Cubes.

All of the classes retold a myth or legend involving the moon, Our story was a Mimac Legend called the Rabbit and the moon.  We retold the story using Diorama Displays, click on the picture to read our story with us.


As part of our work of looking our our own history we looked a traditional Maori art.  We used these influences to design pieces of part the represent our families.

Room 14 Enjoying the Open Day Display 
and work from other classrooms.

Use your QR scanner to view these Movies by Room 8 and 14.

Have a look at our video of our 'Open Day' work!

MOA Awards 2014

Now that the MOA Awards have come and gone we can now share all of the great work that went on within the classroom.  The students did an amazing amount of work, please leave a comment about what you liked...

Graphic Design Poster

'APP SMASHING!'  We used a Green Screen App and Lifecards to make these wonderful postcards for the Graphic Design Poster section for the MOA Awards.  Look at us hanging out with celebrities and at famous locations around the world.


Our AMAZING Music Video - 'HAPPY'

Our Short Movies  

We made these short movies for the MOA Awards from Journal Plays we were looking at during reading.  Witch's Hut won the best Intermediate Short Film, but the were all amazing!

Best Original Image
Here are our entries for the 'Original Image' for the MOA Awards. We took Mr Lodge's camera for a walk around our school and took photos of ordinary everyday objects we pass right bye without even looking at them.  Close up they are extra-ordinary...

Skype Chat to China Part 2 (4/6/14)

With summer school holidays about to start in China we took the opportunity today to reconnect with our new friends at the American International School in Shanghai.  For this chat we split up into small groups to have a more personal chat.  We talked about sports, what we do in our free time, tried to learn on words in Chinese as well as learning more about life for a student in Shanghai.  We will try to connect up again on Friday as we ran out of time today.

Growing Our Global Classroom:

This year Room 14 (the 'Kauri Crew') are looking to establish a network of friends from around the world, to establish a 'Global Classroom' of learners.  We have already made contact with students in China and already have learnt a great deal about their life at school.

If anyone has friends or family in Education around the world that we could make contact with it would be great in increase our 'Global Network.'  With advancements in technology our world is only going to get smaller, giving our students the chance to communicate with others from around the world will give them the skills to participate in our future Global Community.

Skype Chat to China! (11/4/2014)

On Thursday the 10th of April we had a Skype Chat to a class at the Shanghai American International School in China.  We introduced ourselves and found out a little about school life in Shanghai.  This year we will be keeping in contact with Ms Nazli and the kids in class 4NI.  We can't wait to find out more about life in China.

Our the next few days we will be looking at their Blog site to get to know a little more about what goes on during their day.  Next term we will be establishing our own blogs and will use these to get to know the kids in 4NI a lot better.  To check out their blog click on the link below.  The individual student blogs are on the right hand side menu's.

Skype to China! (10/4/2014)

We have just finished talking to students in China over Skype.  We talked for about 20 minutes to a class in 9 and 10 year olds at the Shanghai American International School (where Charlie W's Grandma works) in China.  We had a great time introducing ourselves to each other, we asked lots of questions, we can't wait to we make contact again and learn more about life in Shanghai.

Stay tuned for some video from our chat. 

Art Exhibition T1 2014


Here is a look at all of the art work that Room 14 produced for this weeks Meet the Teacher Art Exhibition.  It was great to meet a lot of parents and whānau of the students in Room 14.  I hope you liked the photos, a movie will follow over the next few days so keep checking in!

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